A rich history...

A family tradition


Village Farm is owned and run by brothers James and Philip Wadsworth. It has been in the family since 1923 when it was bought as a wedding present for their grandparents. Their father, David, was something of an expert in the poultry breeding and judging world, and each of the cottage is named after one of his favourite breeds of bantam.

A rich farming history


We are a working organic farm. We keep  50 beef cattle of our own, and over-winter about 35 organic dairy heifers from another farm (bed and breakfast!). The land is used for grazing the cattle in summer, grass for silage (winter feed), wheat and beans.  As an organic farm, we can’t use artificial fertilisers or weedkillers. We use a five-year rotation system to keep the soil healthy.You are welcome to walk around our fields and, within the farmyard, with supervision (we don't want to lose you under the tractor wheels!)

Our cottages are all eco-homes, insulated to a high standard with heating provided by 2km of burried ground source pipes and electricity from solar PV (when the sun shines!)

Around and about...


The village of Sinderby lies halfway between the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors, within easy reach of a wealth of beautiful countryside. We are roughly equidistant (about 7 miles) from the market towns of Ripon, Masham, Bedale and Thirsk, and slightly further afield lies historic York and the spa town of Harrogate.

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